Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is free online game which is oriented on battle of tanks between two or three players, you can also select one player mode and in this case you will play against computer. Battle takes place in the middle of maze, where you have to defeat your enemy and stay alive.

Tank TroubleA lot of people make common mistake and consider this game as simple when in fact it is quite complicated, you see in order to shoot your enemy you don’t really have to encounter him directly. As I have mentioned before fight takes place in the middle of maze and maze has walls, so in Tank Trouble bullets which you shoot have special ability and they can dodge from walls and continue flying. With that being said, you can shoot your ammo at walls under specific angle and they can ricochet and hit your enemy which is located behind corner. Main thing what you have to figure out is angle of shooting, learn how to use this feature well and you will win most of your fights.

Another wonderful feature of the game is option of power-ups in the game. Basically these power-ups represent different icons which respawn in the game in random locations, some may look as rocket others may look like lasers and they all have different abilities. Make sure that you will get these power-ups before your enemy, they have valuable improvements and may determine outcome of the match.

Controls of the game are pretty simple, in the most cases all you need is arrow buttons or W,A,S and D buttons, it depends on which mode you will select, for two player mode key bindings are different compared to three player or solo gaming modes. You can check controls every single time when you select specific game mode, make sure that you remember buttons correctly.

weapons and settings in the game tank trouble
When you will select your game mode pay attention to the settings, they include different types of weapons (such as laser, freg bomb, death ray, gatling gun and homing missile), you can select all weapon types or exclude some of them.
You can also change mazes according to your taste. You can play on regular mazes, you can build your own maze or you can check other player’s custom maps and play on them, this is pretty interesting feature I must say.
Last option includes controls, if you don’t like basic buttons you can change them from this final option.

This is really well developed flash game which has interesting gameplay, realistic mechanics and graphics. For the best experience I suggest you to play Tank Trouble with your friends, it will be awesome.